Amazon’s Fire… the phone

Amazon’s Fire… the phone

An Amazon phone.. its a thing! Especially with the built in year of Amazon Prime, I’d be really tempted it not for the fact that it is only available via AT&T.

Cross Pollenation


A nice shameless plug of my other blog, Hacked & Slashed! Freemium Friday – Episode One: Dwarven Den

Apple WWDC 2014 Reaction

WWDC 2014 Logo

The number of customers I have had ask me when I can upgrade them to Yosemite is astounding. Obviously, we don’t even have a release date yet, but we are clearly at a place where even non-techs are keeping an eye on Apple news, even that from WWDC. And of course, Apple pushing a channel just for the streaming of the Keynote to Apple TVs and even publishing the event on YouTube certainly doesn’t hurt.

That said, it took ‘The University’ almost 6 months to give the green light to roll-out Mavericks for pre-existing workstations. I hope that given Yosemite builds on Mavericks and should be looked at as the incremental evolution it is (the model Apple is moving toward) the adoption of Yosemite will not take nearly as long. I will not, however, be holding my breath. (more…)

Surrender to the Rage

My main blog, has suffered a chronic issue over the years, and that is the simple fact that I do not post to it with enough regularity. My blog served as an outlet for all of my interests, which are many and varied. I am going to try something a little different, and hope that it will provide me with the drive necessary to post to my blog regularly.

It is for this purpose that I unveil my new blog: Here I will be recording my gaming experiences across multiple platforms from the perspective of someone that tends to play melee characters, often those with obvious anger management issues. Please forgive me as I work through my backlog of games and eventually make my way up to current titles.

Totems, Totems, Totems

Shaman Banner Image (Logo on Maelstrom)

It could be said that I change characters within World of Warcraft as often and as fast as FOX cancels TV shows. So far this expansion (Mists of Pandaria) I have played a Death Knight, a Warlock, a Paladin, returned to Warlock, returned to Death Knight and now dusted off my Enhancement Shaman from Cataclysm.

When I first hit level 90 on my Shaman, which took some work, he sat around in an inn for some time before being deleted. Enhancement Shaman, much like rogues, are exceptionally squishy when undergeared. Even while questing/soloing – their survivability is their DPS. At least when you’re used to playing a DK, who can swap into Blood Spec & Presence to become an unstoppable solo war machine…. Shaman are squishy.


Woelords of Draenor

Some time ago, November 8th, 2013 to be exact, Chris Metzen of Blizzard Entertainment unveiled that the forthcoming expansion to World of Warcraft would be titled: Warlords of Draenor. We all ooh’d and aah’d at the shinies as they unveiled Garrisons, updated character models, and a preview of some of the areas on Draenor, a world many Warcraft players have come to know it its shattered form of Outland.

I have waited to respond to this news, hoping to see something that truly knocked my socks off. Does it look pretty? Sure. Are the character models desperately needed? Most definitelyAm I thrilled about an expansion that is based on chasing Garrosh Hellscream – who has been an annoying character since he followed Thrall home after Burning Crusade – back in time and spending the next two years exploring Outland all over again after its been given a facelift? Nope.


AC4: Black Flag – Inititial Response

I am only 25% through the ‘main storyline’ of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, but I have put nearly 20 hours into the game. This was my most anticipated title for the fall, and it has not disappointed me yet.

Leading up to its release on October 29th, I’m playing on PS3, I consumed everything IGN and other online media sources made available. Though AC3 was not as well received as its predecessors, I got the sense that the creative team behind this most recent installment had their hearts and heads in the right place.

I was thoroughly impressed at Ashraf Ismail’s mention that he scoured gamer forums for reactions to AC3 in an effort to not repeat its mistakes. He also stated that they were setting out to not only create the quintessential Assassin’s Creed, but an exemplary pirate game as well.

To those that know me, it is no secret that I am a huge fan of the pirate genre. Anything with roguish anti-heros and a fair amount of swashbuckling is right up my alley.  It was with this in mind that I loaded AC4 into my PS3 with high hopes. Even if it wasn’t the Assassin’s Creed the community needs, if it was at least the Pirate game we deserve, I was going to be happy.

So far, it is both. The storyline is a fresh departure from what we’ve come to know as the tangled web of the Assassin’s Creed narrative. I truly feel like I am gaining a new perspective on this fictional universe through Edward’s eyes.

In addition to this, AC4 is a fantastic open world pirate game. This is why I have been able to pour 20+ hours into it thus far without breaching 25% of the main storyline. Even when trying to simply explore the vast map, despite being a condensed version of the Caribbean, I find myself drifting off my path to engage ships in combat, hunt sharks or whales, and other side activities.

I will, of course, have more to say as I continue to progress through the game and the veil of spoilers begins to raise, but for now I give AC4 a huge 5/5.


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